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R-500 Series



 Z Technology: Data Logging Setup

The R-500 Series meters offers a unique stand - alone method of data collection. The Resident Data Logging function. Resident Data logging is extremely useful when operating in a field situation where connection to a PC is not feasible. This mode allows self contained measurement and direct storage of data in the R-500 Series meter memory without the need of an attached PC. The instrument automatically takes a series of measurements at various frequencies and stores the data for later retrieval. Back in the laboratory, data is down loaded to a printer or PC.

To implement a Resident Data Logging session, the user simply interfaces with the R-500 Series meter through the Front Panel TUNE and FUNC knobs. Selecting a series of function (FUNC) commands, the operator sets frequency and time parameters for a Resident Data Logging session. The user can either immediately start collecting data or can choose a given time interval for measurements to begin. Signal strengths at up to 360 different frequencies can be stored in the R-500 Series meters. These sets of measurements with related frequencies are referred to a "record". The user can store up to 20 unique and different records within the memory of the R-500 Series meter. At a later time, all this data is easy to retrieve using a serial printer or a PC.

Details of the Resident Data Logging procedure are as follows. The operator chooses a beginning or START Frequency, an end or STOP Frequency and the STEP size for the channel spacing. Measurements of each signal level are then taken for every channel frequency between the START and STOP points. Channel spacing can be as close together as 10 KHz or as far apart as 500 KHz. (The instrument also contains special frequency Tables for TV Channel allocations authorized in the US, Europe, Asia & Latin America).

An additional feature allows the user to make unattended measurements. The operator can automatically perform a "series of measurement" (records) at intervals of from 5 minutes to 24 hours. The R-500 Series meter will automatically power-down, wait for the appropriate time, wake-up and take the given set of signal level readings. The meter then powers-down and again waits for the allotted time before taking another record. This can be repeated up to 20 times.

Resident Data Logging is ideal for those cases where the user must take a series of measurements in a difficult environment. Utilizing only the R-500 Series meter and an antenna, the operator is able to capture significant amounts of accurate information and at a later time, retrieve the measured data. Such tasks as recording transmitted signal levels within office buildings & similar structures, doing initial site survey testing or taking data in rough outdoor conditions all can be accomplished using the R-500 Series Resident Data Logging feature.