Z Technology, Inc.

A Company's Explosive Growth

Z Technology, Inc.3070 NW 169th Place Suite 3070 Beaverton, OR 97006

 Since Z Technology was incorporated in 1993, the company has been committed to offering RF test equipment to the international marketplace. This dynamic company is experiencing explosive growth by enjoying annual growth rates of more than 50% over each of the last three years.

Z Technology has a growing technical and professional staff. Many of them have significant experience in the RF test equipment marketplace. Its engineering staff has a combination of more than 60 years of experience in test equipment design and development.

Precision Measurements

The company designs and manufactures test equipment for the RF and microwave wireless market. The company's product focus is on precision measurement of transmitted signal strength throughout the RF spectrum, from below 1MHz through 2GHz.

Z Technology's family of products include field strength meters using internal microprocessors to improve accuracy, calibrated and traceable antenna systems, and PC-based control software. The software is used to collect, store and then display information from its field strength meters and from a global positioning system (GPS) receiver. The resultant display presents color-coded signal strength readings and maps them on the PC screen using GPS latitude and longitude information.

With a recently enhanced set of products, complete measurement systems are now offered, including field strength meters, antennas, GPS receivers and integrated PC-based software. The new software stores data in a format that easily can be imported by many of the current mapping software programs offered by other companies.

Z Technology's products provide measurements that are traceable to the NIST (U.S. National Institute of Science and Technology). The products cover all RF, VHF, UHF and microwave frequencies currently used by wireless radio, paging, cellular and PCS/PCN systems. Other Z Technology products also cover TV and FM broadcast frequencies. Two company products that set the standard for cost effective, rugged and portable measurement capability are the:

R-505 Field Strength Meter - This instrument offers precision measurement capability to evaluate signal coverage, analyze signal strengths, survey sites for new antenna construction, determine separation distance between repeater towers or track EMI (electromagnetic interference) and other RF interference. This product combines the functions of off-air Field strength metering and accurate RF signal strength measurement with expanded data logging and storage in one convenient, lightweight handheld system.

R-506 Field Strength Measuring System - This instrument is a new product. Like the R-505, it offers the ability to accurately and precisely measure signal strength over a wide set of frequencies and power levels. The R-506 features advances in front panel controls and user interface. It offers many new features, including the ability to directly read signal power in dBm, dBuV and dBuV/Meter. The readout is possible because the instrument has the capability of storing antenna factors within the instrument.

"Z Technology offers the most accurate, yet cost-effective, signal measurement system, especially for those who must verify system's signal coverage over an entire service area," said Jim Zook, president. "We offer systems that can easily be automated by the customer. The user can now measure signal strength over a very wide range of frequencies and power levels. Recently, Z Technology has expanded its product line, adding hardware and software products. These will be of real interest to the wireless communication system operator."

Targeting a Global Market

Who is interested in these products? Z Technology global clients from Asia-Pacific, Europe and the United States include carriers, systems providers, government and private organizations who must accurately verify signal coverage over their service area. Close relationships with several international distributors provide vital links between Z Technology and its international customers. Most of the company's international sales are accomplished by distributors, with international sales making up approximately half of the company's total sales.

"Our international representative and distributors are very important, not only for sales, but as one important method to receive customer feedback on existing and potential new products" said Zook. "From Z Technology's very inception, it has been in the international marketplace. We consider our international business vital to our present success and for future continued growth."

International business surely will continue to fuel this company's explosive growth.