Z Technology, Inc.

Z Technology, Inc.3070 NW 169th Place Suite 3070 Beaverton, OR 97006

An RF Measurement Company

Z Technology was formed in 1993 by a group of RF Development Engineers to serve the needs of the Radio/Television Broadcast and Land Mobile Radio markets. The company president, James Zook, an RF engineer by training, had previously managed Tektronix television and spectrum analyzer business units.

In 1993, available RF field strength measurement instruments were either limited in frequency range and required calibration on the fly, or were big, heavy, expensive, and designed for laboratory use. The team recognized a clear need for a portable, wide frequency range, factory calibrated, moderately priced measurement instrument traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Technical personnel from Tektronix, Intel, and other local companies joined Z Technology, and by 1995 the team had developed a modern, reasonably priced, portable, NIST-traceable, programmable field strength meter. This new meter covered UHF/VHF Television, FM Radio, all popular Land Mobile frequency bands, and included support for AM Radio and new Cellular frequencies.

In 1998 Z Technology introduced the R-507, a significant upgrade to its programmable field strength meter family. The new model, which provided a spectrum display and measured integrated power of wideband and digital signals, rapidly gained acceptance in the broadcast and land mobile markets. Today Z Technology field strength meters are widely used by U.S. broadcasters including every major U.S. broadcast network, state communications agencies, the U.S. military, Department of State, Federal Communications Commission and regulatory agencies worldwide.

The recent confluence of satellite mapping, GPS location, laptop computing, embedded processors, low cost memory, advanced software development tools, and improving battery power technologies has enabled the development of automatic RF measurement and signal strength mapping systems. Today, Z Technology builds nine different measurement/mapping systems based on a modern version of its original programmable field strength meter design.

Applying its RF and data measurement expertise, Z Technology introduced its first walkabout DTV survey system to a major network in 1998, and its first DTV measurement demodulator to development laboratories in 2001. The company is proud to have participated in developmental testing of the ATSC system and currently manufactures a full line of DTV demodulators ranging from modular OEM products to a full-featured, networked measurement demodulator system.

Z Technology continues a proud tradition of RF measurement excellence and is committed to the development of products and systems that economically address the monitoring and measurement needs of the engineering community.