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R-500 Series



Z Technology: Serial Port Communications

The standard R-500 Series meters includes an RS-232 Serial Communications Port. By using an IBM compatible computer and straight forward Control software, the user can measure signal levels over any set of frequencies and transfer the data to a PC for storage and analysis. With this capability, a user can map signal levels of many different frequencies or perform extensive site surveys for one specific channel.

Many of the R-500 Series meter features are accessible via the RS-232 port. The user can: Transfer data to and from the R-500 Series meters, make modifications to the units operating parameters and command & control the R-500 Series data collection operations.

For your convenience, Z Technology, has created a suite of Quick Basic Control Software Applications for use with the R-500 Series. This Control software supplied in source and executable form, can be used directly without modifications or as a starting point to help create your own custom software for unique measurement needs.

Control software has been created to provide functionality beyond that of normal manual operation and to perform a wide variety of data logging tasks. For example, one supplied software application allows you to perform a series of measurements at specific frequencies starting at precise times. Customizing our Control software allows you to create routines as simple or as sophisticated as you like. Z Technology is happy to discuss any questions or unique application requirements.

The R-500 Series meters offers the convenience of operating at 1200, 2400 or 9600 baud rates. It interfaces directly with a PCs standard serial COM port. To communicate through the serial port, the user need only be familiar with the fundamentals of RS-232 parameters. A working knowledge of a high level programming language is also desirable. This ability allows the user to write serial port communication software. Many common languages will easily do this job, e.g. Quick Basic, Visual Basic, C, C++, etc.

The R-500 Series meters can make large numbers of measurements and store the resulting data in a very short time. Accurate, single frequency, signal level measurements can repeatedly be taken and transferred to a PC at a sub 60msec rate for the R-505, sub 5msec rate for the R-506. Several different command options are resident in the R-500 Series firmware. They provide the ability to take measurements at one or at many widely separated frequencies. A user can continuously move from one frequency to another, take a measurement and transfer signal level data to the PC all at rates faster than 200msec. This flexibility allows the user to tailor routines to his specific application whether that be in Two-Way Mobile, Cellular, Paging, SMR/ESMR, PCS or FM & TV Broadcasting.

By using the Serial Communication capability of the R-500 Series meters, a user can create a "measurement system" which is tailored to specific needs. An operator can easily, automatically and routinely measure the precise data required. All it takes is the R-500 Series meter and an inexpensive Personal Computer.