Technical Notes

Digital Measurements
Maintaining the DTV Signal
App Note 27
Useful Measurements of DTV Signal Coverage
App Note 10
Digital TV Field Measurements
App Note 28 (1.2MB pdf)
Using Z Technology Drive Test Systems
App Note 11
Meter Slide-Out configuration
App Note 20 (600K pdf)
Working with Open Street Map
App Note 32 (378K pdf)
Measurement Antenna Selection and Use
App Note 1003-1
Antenna Cal Tables updated
Field Strength Meter
AM Field Strength Measurements with Confidence (970K pdf)
Operating R-506 & R-507 on External Battery
GPS Receivers
GPS Compatible Programs
Resident Data Logging
Remote Data Logging
R-500 Control SW
Contour Plots with Surfer (2.36MB pdf)
Drive testing

General Broadcast Information
FCC TV Station Database
FCC AM Station Database
FCC FM Station Database
FCC FM and TV Propagation Curves

Compliance Statments
ROHS Compliance (37KB pdf)