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Model Number: BC-BCB


Z Technology: BC-BCB Block converter

Designed for the AM Broadcast frequencies and below, The BC-BCB extends coverage of the R-500 Series Field Strength Meter from 300 KHz to 3.0MHz. By combining a R-500 Series Field Strength Meter with the BC-BCB, a user now can perform signal level tests over the entire AM Broadcast band. The R-500 Series/BC-BCB system allows an operator to perform a variety of signal level measurements. The combined system provides all the measurements capability available with the R-500 Series Field Strength Meters, but at the lower frequencies of 300KHz to 3.0 MHz. RS-232 serial port control for the combined system is just as useful and straight forward as with the standard instrument.

The R-500 Series Meters, operating in conjunction with the BC-BCB, correctly displays the 0.3 to 3.0 MHz measured frequency. The Signal Level readings from the LCD display are calibrated and show true signal strengths. Whether operating the system directly from the front panel or through the RS-232 serial port, the R-500 Series/BC-BCD combined measurement package provides accurate power and frequency readings.

The BC-BCB is a precision Block Converter. It has been carefully designed with state of the art amplifiers, filters, a high level mixer and a stable crystal local oscillator. The product comes in the form of a box that mounts directly on the R-500 Series Meters front panel Type-N connector. It receives all necessary dc power from the meter. The block converter was designed with field usage in mind. Its shielded cast metal housing is small, rugged & light weight.

To install the BC-BCB, the operator simply screws the block converter Type-N output connector onto the R-500 Series Type-N female front panel input mating connector. A power cable, supplied with the BC-BCB, is attached to the meters rear panel accessory connector. Complete the installation by attaching an appropriate receiving antenna to the input BNC female input terminal.

BC-BCB Specifications

* Freq. Coverage: 300 KHz to 3.0 MHz

* Conversion Gain: 0 dB

* Gain Flatness: +/-1 dB

When R-500 Series meter & BC-BCB are ordered together, the system gain accuracy will be calibrated and traceable to NIST to within +/- 2dB. This accuracy holds for CW, FM and AM (typ. for signals with mod levels up to 60%).

* Image Rejection: 60dB Typical

* Measurement Range: +10dBuV(3.2uvolts) to +100dBuV

* Calibrated temp. range: 25o C 10o C

* Input Impedance: 50 ohms

* IF Bandwidth:

System IF bandwidth is determined by R-500 Series IF bandwidth. Applicable narrowband IF filter options include 12.5KHz-6pole,15KHz-6 pole and 15KHz-4 pole filters.

* Connectors: Type-N female - output BNC female - input

* Temperature Range:

Operating and Storage 0 to 50 Deg C.
Calibrated Range: +15 to 35 Deg C.

* Weight: 1/2 lb

* Size: 1.8" x 2.4" x 4.4"

* Power Requirements: 50ma at 8Vdc (available from R-500 Series Meter)

Specifications are provided by Z Technology, Inc. and are subject to change without notice.