Z Technology 's RF Newsletter - DTV Edition

Broadcast News, Edition 6


     DM1010 ATSC Demodulator new price/performance leader    


Looking for an excellent ATSC measurement demodulator for Terrestrial Digital Television signals?  Consider the Z Technology DM1010.


The DM1010 is a fully calibrated 8VSB demodulator for monitoring, measuring and documentation of ATSC/DTV broadcast signals.


The DM1010 will demodulate any Channel (2 – 69) and provide all the standard power level and signal-to-noise ratio numbers you would expect as well as three unique Transport Stream outputs: ASI, SMPTE 310 and LVDS.  RF level measurements are traceable to the NIST.


In addition, the DM1010 adds an impressive combination of measurement features critical to successful DTV transmitter operation, such useful tools as: FFT Spectrum Display (with FCC Mask and shoulder measurements); true I&Q demodulation for display of 8VSB Constellation, Eye Pattern and Echo profile plots; MER, EVM and SNR values before and after Equalization. These are just a few of the many measurement parameters available.


The instrument operates as a stand-alone rack mounted unit for ongoing day-to-day confidence monitoring and transport stream generation. Connect the same DM1010 to a PC running Z Technology’s WinDM Pro software and you have computer-based control of the instrument as well as access to all the nifty measurement features mentioned above and demonstrated through the screen captures included in this letter.


An Ethernet port provides secure VPN (virtual private network) Internet access to the DM1010 across the room, the city, the state or the nation.









To make sure your transmitted signal meets ATSC and FCC standards and the transport stream contains the programming you expect, add Option TSR to the DM1010. This option lets you display transport stream data, statistical bandwidth usage and thumbnails of video program streams on a local PC.












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