How to order from Z Technology, Inc.

Z Technology manufactures, and sells RF Measurement Systems and Products directly from the Factory to End User Customers, and through Authorized Distributors, Manufacturer’s Representatives. We will be happy to provide a price/delivery quotation if you will tell us what you need.

If you would like to contact someone local in your area see our SALES page.

You can call us with any questions during our normal office hours Monday through Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM Pacific Standard Time.  Our phone number is listed on our CONTACTS page.

In order to serve you best, we may want to know a little bit about your application.  This will help both you and us to be sure you are getting the correct and best equipment for the task at hand.  You don’t have to buy everything from us, but we want to be sure our equipment is right for your job.

When you contact us please let us know the following:

If you are a broadcaster we will like to know if you are broadcasting AM FM or TV.  We will want to know if your signal is analog only or analog and digital modulation.  If a TV broadcaster, we will want to know your channel number(s) so we can match you up with the proper UHF or VHF calibrated recieve antennas.

If your application is for Land Mobile or Cellular we will want to know the frequencies you are using.  Again this is more to make sure you get an appropriate antenna.

If your application is something other than listed above we are always happy to entertain new RF measurement solutions.

If you wish to lease, may we have our Leasing Company contact you?

Please send us an Email and we'll be happy to help you.