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Z Technology announces new system for measurement of Digital and Analog Television Signals

Z Technology has started delivery of its new S5007DTV RF field strength measurement system. With this system, a television station can measure and document its current analog broadcast signal strength and make additional comparative measurements as the new digital transmission system is implemented. Using the S5007DTV to identify analog PAL/NTSC reception problems, a station can plan to avoid coverage problems as the transmission plant is converted to digital DVB-T, DTV or ISDB-T format. The system may be quickly placed into operation at field locations to characterize signal reception at remote sites or in viewer's homes. A custom modification for vehicular operation includes system operation from 12-volt power and GPS location data logging.

The S5007DTV system takes advantage of the precision and flexibility of Z Technology's R-507 Field Strength Meter. The R-507 provides annotated, high-speed measurement under PC control and the factory-integrated system includes both software and hardware for accurate, NIST traceable RF signal measurement. When used with a calibrated Z Technology antenna the S5007DTV provides a complete system for the direct measurement and documentation of signal strength in dBuV/meter.

For digital and wideband signals, the S5007DTV will measure and display total power in a user-defined bandwidth, peak power in the band, and signal strength versus frequency over spans of 5, 10, or 20 MHz. The system provides precision measurement and documentation of signals across a frequency range of 5 to 1000 MHz.

Spectrum Display software provided with the S5007DTV system provides a swept display of channel occupancy. The Spectrum Display is useful in analysis of bandpass tilt, signal notches, and total power of digitally modulated signals such as DTV and DVB-T. An operator can use the system for computer controlled and documented measurement, or use the R-507 and a calibrated antenna in a stand-alone, battery powered mode for precision field strength measurements.

The S5007DTV combines the functions of off-air field strength metering, accurate RF signal power measurement, and PC based data collection and storage in one convenient lightweight system. The system PC is supplied in its own carrying case and the R-507's hard case is small enough to be transported as hand-carry and rugged enough to be checked as airline baggage.

Complete information on the S5007DTV Measurement System and the R-507 Field Strength Meter is available on the Z Technology website, www.ztechnology.com.

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