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Z Technology introduces walkabout measurement
system for Digital Television Signals

Z Technology today announced shipment of the first of twelve DSS-5000 Series Digital Television Measurement systems. Initial units have been purchased by Fox Digital. The systems are completely portable and provide a comprehensive capability to quickly and economically verify digital signal quality at in-home receiving locations.

"Our new DTV measurement system is designed for operation as a technician walks from room-to-room in a viewer’s home. It is lightweight, comfortable, and completely self contained", said Lynn Murdock, Z Technology’s Vice President, Sales and Marketing. "It enables field personnel to quickly assess the quality of the DTV signal at the viewer’s television set, using a calibrated antenna or the customer’s existing receiving antenna."

Each DSS-5000 Series measurement system incorporates a Z Technology swept spectrum field strength meter and 8VSB decoder, controlled by a laptop PC. A news camera battery powers the portable system. System packaging is both unique and familiar, consisting of a high-quality hiker’s backpack and a quickly attachable battery belt/PC tray assembly. The system utilizes Z Technology’s new DTV Analysis software running in Windows 98 for operator familiarity and easy integration with other Windows programs.

The DSS-5000 Series system provides a number of measurements useful to the DTV Broadcaster, including graphic displays of the RF spectrum and tap values to show how hard the receiver must work to correct the incoming signal. Numeric values for tap energy, tilt, 5 MHz high-low differential, peak power, total in-channel power, and 8VSB mean squared error and signal to noise ratio are also displayed. Operator notes may be added to indicate the location in the home and any environmental factors of interest. The field strength meter and reference dipole antenna provided with the DS-5000 Series system are NIST traceable for measurement reliability.

"On-time delivery to this major broadcast customer marks a continuing commitment to the emerging digital television market", said Mr. Murdock. The new DSS-5000 Series builds on the recently introduced S5000DTV digital television measurement system. "Development of this new system to meet the DTV measurement needs of a major broadcast group enhances our understanding of digital television market needs and provides a base that will benefit Z Technology, Fox Digital, and the digital broadcast Industry".

DSS-5200 System
"A technician uses Z Technology’s new DSS-5000 Series system to quickly and easily check DTV reception."

DSS-5200 Screen Captures
"New DTV Analysis software application from Z Technology reports condition of the digital television signal."

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