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Beaverton, Oregon, December 20, 2004

Z Technology introduces new digital television measurement package

Z Technology has introduced the R507DTV, a new RF field strength measurement package for digital television signals in any format. The system comes with Z Technology’s Spectrum Display software for measurement of DTV integrated power over the full channel bandwidth. The Windows™ application displays an RF spectrum and reports peak, integrated and min/max power, channel tilt, and standard deviation across the channel. Spectrum spans of up to 20 MHz may be selected to view adjacent channel activity, and any parameter may be plotted vs. time to view changing or intermittent conditions.

The company’s new Windows™ MeterMate software is also included with the system, providing additional value for measurement of the station’s analog signal channel coverage. Both applications run on a user’s Windows™ PC to display and log signal values to clear-text files. Both are GPS-aware and can be configured to tag the logged measurements with GPS location. The resulting comma-delimited files may be imported into Microsoft MapPoint™ to show color dot plots of signal coverage, or into Excel™ for further analysis.

The system ships in a convenient hard carrying case, and includes a soft carrying pouch for independent use of the field strength meter. Options include NIST traceable measurement antennas for UHF or VHF television channels. Using calibration tables provided with these antennas, the factory-calibrated R507DTV displays and documents field strength directly in dBuV/m.

To make full use of the system you will need a Windows PC with a serial port to connect the programmable R-507 field strength meter and a USB port to connect the GPS receiver. Any speed PC with Windows98™ or XP™ and 32 Meg of memory with an 800x600 display will do. If the PC you select doesn't have a serial port the company recommends a PCMCIA-to-Serial adapter.

The R507DTV is priced under $15,000, including a one calibrated measurement antenna for UHF or VHF television channels. Z Technology, Inc., is a U.S. manufacturer specializing in products and systems for the measurement and mapping of RF signal coverage and DTV data parameters. To learn more about the company and its products, visit www.ztechnology.com.