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Beaverton, Oregon, September 3, 2004

Z Technology RF-MeterMate ships to the FCC

Z Technology announced today it has shipped its newest measurement application software to the Federal Communications Commission. RF-MeterMate is the company’s newest Windows™ based software application supporting its R-506 and R-507 programmable RF Field Strength Meters. The application, running on an attached PC, brings a new convenience to RF field strength measurements, automating operation and gathering of data from the field strength meter, while utilizing antenna factor data for direct readout and documentation to data files in dBuV/m.

RF-MeterMate sets up the frequency, applies an antenna factor input by the user, and makes measurements on a single frequency as quickly as every 200 ms. The measurement is recorded to a clear-text data file, which can also include NEMA-0183 location data from an optional GPS receiver. For long-term applications, the application may be programmed to record periodically with a delay in increments of one second up to 24 hours between measurements. The resulting data file can serve as a simple historical record or be imported into a spreadsheet for analysis. If GPS data has been captured, the data can be imported into commercially available mapping programs or imported into coverage prediction programs that accept clear-text reference data.

RF-MeterMate is available to current owners as a free download on the company’s website, www.ztechnology.com and is shipped with each new R-506 and R-507 Field Strength Meter.

Z Technology, Inc., is a U.S. manufacturer specializing in products and systems for the measurement and mapping of RF signal coverage and DTV data parameters. To learn more about the company and its products, visit www.ztechnology.com.