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 Z Technology receives TV Technology STAR 2000
Superior Technology Award

 Z Technology, Inc. today announced that it received TV Technology’s STAR 2000 Superior Technology Award at NAB ‘2000 for its innovative DSS-5200 Walkabout Digital Television Survey System.

The magazine presented this award to Z Technology in recognition of achievement in the advancement of the art and science of television broadcast. The new walkabout system is completely portable and provides a comprehensive capability to quickly and economically verify digital signal quality at in-building receiving locations. The DSS-5200 provides a number of measurements useful to the DTV Broadcaster, including graphic displays of the RF spectrum and tap values to show how hard the receiver must work to correct the incoming signal.

"This technology reinforces our commitment to helping the broadcast industry make the transition from analog to digital, while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. It enables field personnel to quickly assess the quality of the DTV signal at the viewer’s television set," said Lynn Murdock, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Z Technology, Inc.

The DSS-5200 system is the latest addition to Z Technology’s suite of Digital Television solutions, designed to insure the quality of video programming delivered to the customer. To learn more about DTV measurement solutions from Z Technology, visit their web site at www.ztechnology.com.

About TV Technology’s STAR 2000 Superior Technology Award:

TV Technology granted Z Technology one of (15) STAR 2000 awards given at NAB. An undisclosed number of columnists from the magazine served as panelists on the STAR Award Committee, which selected exceptional new products and technologies for recognition. Details about the STAR Awards and a full list of award recipients will be published in the May 15 issue of TV Technology.

Z Technology, Inc. is a leading innovator in precision RF measurements. Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon USA, Z Technology designs and manufactures equipment for the global wireless and television markets. Z Technology remains committed to helping customers meet industry challenges of today and tomorrow.