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Beaverton, Oregon USA, April 8, 2002 –

Z Technology Introduces it's new DSS5600A, Windows based Digital Television Signal Mapping System with COFDM Decoding

DSS5600A Television Signal Mapping System with COFDM Decoding
A unique pop-up form factor makes Z Technology’s new DSS5600A system easy to operate, and extremely portable.

The Z Technology DSS5600A is a new RF field strength and digital parameter mapping system for Digital Video Broadcast Terrestrial (DVB-T) transmission systems. Using this Windows XP™ based system, a Broadcaster can easily map signal strength and a full set of DVB-T figure-of-merit parameters over the service area. Analysis in the field can guide improvements in geographic signal coverage and quickly lead to any necessary corrective actions.

The DSS5600A system takes advantage of the precision and flexibility of Z Technology’s R-507 Field Strength Meter which provides accurate, high-speed measurement under PC control. When used with a calibrated antenna, the DSS5600A provides a comprehensive facility for NIST traceable RF power measurement and documentation of digital or analog signal coverage.

This unique system includes the factory installed DriveTest Automated Measurement Software. This program that uniquely integrates three separate yet related applications: Data Collection, Dot Plotting, and Swept Spectrum Analysis.

Data Collection automates the process of logging several precise RF characteristics including field strength and RF figure-of-merit parameters against GPS locations. Measurements logged include peak signal power, integrated power, band pass tilt, signal notches and standard deviation. In addition to RF characteristics, the DSS5600A also records COFDM specific decoded parameters, including Vit-Lock, FEC-Lock, SNR, Pre Vit BER, Pre & Post RS BER and QEF into data collection files. These figures-of-merit are invaluable when determining DVB-T signal coverage.

When working in today's mixed digital and analog signal environments, data for DVB-T and Analog television signals can be measured and stored in data files during the same drive test. The Data Collection application can be started before the vehicle is placed in motion. The system accumulates data without further attention.

Live plotting of GPS determined positions may be viewed while testing is in progress. Upon completion of the drive test, a post measurement mode assigns colors to the dot trail of the driven path corresponding to signal strength or a selected RF or Decoded figure-of-merit. For many locations this information can be overlaid on commercial maps. Road-level maps for Europe and the USA are available.

A Swept Spectrum Analysis provides a live spectal view of signals under test. The user may pause the data collection routine, examine the desired signal and then resume data collection, all within the DriveTest program. The Swept Spectrum display is useful in active viewing and analysis of band pass tilt, signal notches, and total power of digitally modulated DVB-T signals. The DSS5600A also measures and displays total 8MHz integrated power and peak in-band power. These RF parameters may also be plotted against GPS locations.

For both analog and digital signals, the Spectrum Display allows a user to examine adjacent channel occupancy and relative power levels of nearby signals. The Spectrum Display is also useful when analyzing modulation characteristics of both analog and digital signals.

The new DSS5600A combines the functions of off-air field strength metering, accurate RF signal strength measurement, COFDM Digital decoded signal characterization, GPS position identification, and PC based automatic data collection & storage in one convenient lightweight system. Its small size permits transport as hand-carry airline baggage; easy temporary installation in a vehicle; quick setup at field locations; and portability to characterize RF and Digital signals at remote site.

DSS5600A Drive Test with Mapping capabilities
New Windows XP™ based DriveTest Automated Measurement application from Z Technology reports field strength condition of transmitted signal overlaid on digital street map.

DSS5600A Swept Spectrum Analysis
A new DSS5600A Swept Spectrum Analysis application provides ability to detail both analog and digital RF signals.