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December 15, 2005, Beaverton, Oregon, USA

Z Technology announces new DVB-T terrestrial broadcast signal coverage measurement system.

Z Technology today announced a new DSS5600T digital television signal coverage measurement system for the DVB-T digital modulation format used outside North America and Korea. The DSS5600T includes a new diversity-antenna receiver/decoder and provides a comprehensive set of DVB-T RF and decoded data measurements using single or diversity antenna configurations.

The DSS5600T is a self-contained, factory configured system incorporating an NIST traceable field strength meter, diversity DVB-T decoder, GPS receiver, 12VDC/AC mains power system, and a Windows™ laptop PC running a new release of Z Technology’s DriveTest™ application software. The system is packaged in a rugged airline-carry-on portable case. NIST traceable antennas and cables are available for UHF and VHF television broadcast frequencies.

The DSS5600T incorporates a new Diversity Receiver/Decoder supporting all DVB-T modes in 6, 7 and 8 MHz RF channel bandwidths and covers VHF band III and UHF band IV & V channels. There are 3 modes of operation: Antenna-Diversity, Redundant-Receiver, and Single Channel. An Antenna selection switch allows NIST traceable RF power measurement using either of the two 50-ohm diversity antenna ports.

The latest version of Z Technology’s DriveTest software application runs on the system Windows XP™ PC, providing signal coverage measurement and mapping for analog as well as digital signals. The software supports several new DVB-T features: Diversity or Single Channel input modes; Mobile or Impulse Noise Killer correction algorithms; Frequency Offset selections up to +/-167 kHz; and High or Low Stream Priority.

A significant new feature of the DSS5600T DriveTest™ System is graphic mapping of selected parameters over high-resolution customer provided bitmap images such as may be licensed from Google Earth Plus™. This feature is operational during live data gathering drives as well as for previously gathered data.

The new DSS5600T displays and records 5 RF, 35 Decoder, and 11 GPS figures of merit. In addition, the DSS5600T also supports a new, option PMD user-input device, which can monitor and record 4 analog values plus the logic levels of 16 data inputs. The PMD option allows coordination of outside data with the DVB-T data being measured.

The DSS5600T replaces the DSS5600A. Customers with the earlier model may contact the factory to learn about upgrading their present system to include the new diversity decoder, 12-channel WAAS enabled GPS receiver, and latest DriveTest™ application.

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