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Z Technology announces the addition of DSS5600T/H signal coverage measurement and mapping system for the DVB-H digital television transmission format.   

April 1, 2008, Beaverton, Oregon, USA:  Z Technology, Inc. today announced the availability of the DSS5600T/H, Drive Test System, to their family of digital television signal coverage measurement systems. The DSS5600T/H Drive Test System provides another comprehensive turnkey field measurement, plotting and documentation system customers have come to expect from Z Technology.

The product allows full signal coverage analysis of the existing DVB-T and the new DVB-H signal formats. Using this Drive Test System, the user will be able to decode and perform measurement routines applicable to the unique parameters found in both the DVB-T and DVB-H modulation formats.

The DSS5600T/H provides all the features available with our standard DVB-T Drive Test System nomenclated the DSS5600T. In addition, several new measurements are included to focus specifically on the DVB-H format. Parameters are visually reported to the operator via the Z Technology proprietary Window based Drive Test Application. The new DVB-H parameters can also be recorded to data files and are available for plotting against GPS latitude and longitude.  These parameters include:

- FFT:                                              2K, 4K, 8K

- Inner Interleaving:                          Native or In Depth

- DVB-H signaling:                          Performed or Not Performed

- Time slicing on HP stream:         Used or Not used

- Time slicing on LP stream:          Used or Not used

- MPE FEC on HP stream:             Used or Not used

- MPE FEC on LP stream:              Used or Not used

Two new and valuable features offered with the DSS5600T/H are the received constellations display and analysis of SFN (single frequency networks) via a Channel Impulse response display.  These can be viewed within the Drive Test Application and results captured by the system for retrieval and analysis.


To learn more about the company and its products, visit www.ztechnology.com.